High Pressure Washing

We have all the eqiuments for the High Pressure Washing.

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9 Uses of high-pressure washing.

Deck & Patios Washing

Our specialized services effectively eliminate stubborn stains, mold, and grime, restoring your outdoor surfaces to their former glory. Using advanced techniques, we provide a thorough clean, revitalizing your deck and patio, ensuring a fresh, welcoming space for you to unwind and entertain, all year round

deck and patios washing

Sidewalk & Driveways Washing

Our dedicated team utilizes advanced cleaning techniques to eradicate tough stains, grime, and oil spots, restoring the pristine look of your pathways. Enhance safety, boost curb appeal, and ensure a welcoming entrance with our professional cleaning, leaving your sidewalks and driveways impeccably clean and renewed.

Fences Washing

Unveiling the secrets to an enduring, stunning fence, OZ CREW brings you a tailored solution to combat sun damage, humidity, and unwanted growth. Our skilled technicians, equipped with years of expertise, are driven to deliver excellence. Using eco-friendly, specialized detergents and top-tier equipment, we're dedicated to reviving your fence's former splendor, ensuring its prolonged beauty and resilience against nature's challenges.

Outdoor Furniture Washing

Our safe cleaning methods ensure your furniture paintwork remain preserved. We also hygienically treat mould and mildew growth while also targeting greasy spots and places harbouring bacteria. We utilise the best solutions to extract layers of contaminants without harming your material and leaving it looking fresh and amazing.

Graffiti Removal Washing

Graffiti removal is a delicate process! When graffiti is sprayed onto your masonry walls like brick, concrete, sandstone and granite it penetrates and soaks deep into the surface, like ink into chalk. These surfaces can be damaged easily through incorrect chemical selection, harsh scrubbing, and high-pressure cleaning techniques.

Swimming Pool washing

When it comes to professional pool maintenance and care, OZCREW is the name you can trust. we are your local pool servicing provider. Our goal is to keep your pool in pristine condition, so you can enjoy it whenever you desire.

Garden Tools & Equipment Washing

Elevate Your Garden's Shine with our Garden Tools & Equipment Washing Services. We understand that well-maintained tools and equipment are essential for a thriving garden. Our expert team is equipped with the know-how and advanced cleaning techniques to revitalize your gardening essentials. Say goodbye to dirt, rust, and grime, and welcome back the sparkle, efficiency, and longevity to your garden arsenal.

Outdoor Play equipment Washing

Our pressure cleaning equipment comes with various attachments, allowing us to get into every crack and crevice in outdoor playgrounds. We will blast away the dirt, grime and debris, leaving the playground spotlessly clean and more hygienic.

Outdoor Grills Washing

Our expert team is dedicated to rejuvenating your entire outdoor space. From surfaces to furniture, we ensure a thorough cleaning, eliminating dirt, grime, and weathering effects. Experience a refreshed and inviting exterior, ready to welcome you to a clean, vibrant outdoor haven, courtesy of our professional and meticulous washing services